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Our school’s academics are top-notch, Preparing us for life beyond the school watch

Primary Section

It Consists of Classes 1st to Vth the students of primary section are trained for academic and physical activities to prepare them for middle classes. The focus I on reinforcement and endorsement of a child’s capability through many fold activities and learning exercise.

Middle section

It consists of classes VI to VIII. The students of middle section are being prepared for senior classes with excellent faculty members. Special emphasis is laid on the development of reading, Writing mathematical and communicative skills.

Senior Section

It consists of classes IX to XII (Science, Arts, Commerce, Agriculture). Student’s of Senior Secondary are trained for various competitive examination with excellent faculty members. They are privileged with good infra structural facilities.

About Our Academics

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Participating in extracurricular activities can help students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and time management.


Together We Make The Difference

Giving us the skills to quench our thirst For knowledge and understanding in every way, Preparing us for a bright future, day by da

Remove the guesswork. Get specific reliable answers.

High-quality academics are engaging and challenging, Encouraging students to think critically and keep exploring. Teachers who are knowledgeable and skilled, Help students achieve their potential, filled with zea

Why Choose Vivekanand Group

Bringing Excellence To Students.

we provide education to students, which is essential for their intellectual and social development. Through education, students learn new skills, knowledge, and values that help them in their personal and professional lives.

Remove the guesswork. Get specific reliable answers.
Partner with a trusted homeschool leader.
Personalized support that fits into your life.

Our Specialties

Class Room
A classroom is a physical space in a school where students gather to receive instruction from a teachers
Our faculty is a group of dedicated professionals, Who work tirelessly to help students reach their goals
Shooting sports in school require discipline and skill, Where students learn to aim, shoot and hit with thril
Anatomy lab
The anatomy lab is where we get hands-on experience, Examining cadavers with reverence and diligence
Theory class
Theory classes are where we learn the foundational knowledge, That forms the basis of every field, and helps us achieve our college.
Cultural Program
A cultural program is an event that showcases various aspects of a particular culture or multiple cultures which includes the music, dance, food, art, literature, and other traditional or modern cultural elements

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